Set legislative agenda; liaison to committees, GAC/Chapters, legislator and stakeholder relations; lobbyist relations; policy and decision making; testify, fundraising, board and leadership development.


Minimum of $2,500/year contribution*, commit to raise the same amount, and/or commit to work equivalent man hours annually.


Role: Assist Board with the execution of the goals and objectives of TCAA, including setting the legislative agenda and working on the Legislative Workshop to be held during the interim.

Contributions: Commitment to volunteering time as well as pledge to help fund raise at least $500 per year.


Role:  Assist the Board in developing positioning/strategy for various bills and issues, conduct fundraising, cultivate relationships with legislators and other affiliated organizations and participate in developing a TCAA Legislative Workshop to be held during the interim.



Conduct fundraising from other attorneys; draft legislation; testify when legal perspective is needed.

Business Partners

Conduct fundraising with other business partners; testify when needed; communicate to other professionals about impact of legislation to their business; assist with coordinating other industry legislative matters.


Prepare annual fundraising goals, programs and communication pieces; host fundraising events including luncheons, trade shows, etc.


Conduct fundraising with association managers/CEOs and associations; testify when needed; foster relationships with local elected officials and educate them on association issues at the state level; assist with identifying and sharing positive stories about community association living to support the Marketing/PR committee efforts.

Marketing/Public Relations

Coordinate efforts with PR professionals to promote benefits of living in community associations; provide content to TCAA admin staff to help maintain the TCAA website; develop marketing materials such as bi-annual legislative agenda (based on Board's decision) and end of session results materials; coordinate production/distribution of articles to the CAI chapters; help plan and coordinate rallies and other PR events; identify grassroots spokespersons; arrange for opportunities for media training for groups and individuals. 

* TCAA is a 501c(6) organization. Contributions are not tax deductible.

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